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Testimonial: "I hope you remember me. I was one of your first students in the Afro-Cuban dance class at FIU [Florida International University]. I loved your class so much that I had no trouble enrolling in it for a second semester. Then, you disappeared and it happened that I saw a catalog, ¡YARA!, and the beautiful lady on the cover looked just like you. Then I saw the name and I was so happy to finally connect the dots. I found your address through Google and was so happy to read about you. I told everyone in the office, screaming, "This is my teacher!"

I remember your class so well. You talked about the Yoruba and all of the deities like Yemaya, Ogun, Oshun, Shango, etc. You are an extraordinary woman and I honor you through your accomplishments and your excellence in the art of dance and culture and richness. I don't mean to be lengthy, but I am so happy to see you on the magazine cover. I hope to attend your performances. I send you my regards and the many blessings which you truly deserve."
-- Jean-Michel

"The IFÉ-ILÉ dancers, wearing colorful traditional costumes, performed [Afro-Cuban] dances, including the Yuca and the Chancleta … and then paraded through the audience in a conga that had the kids on their feet, trying out dance moves of their own." -- From an article in The Miami Herald about our workshop at Miami Springs Elementary School. More about our educational programs

"I learned a lot about my roots that I did not know … I am prouder today than I was yesterday." -- A Cuban resident of Miami who attended an IFE-ILE library program, quoted in an article in The Miami Herald. More about our community programs.

IFÉ-ILÉ supplements and strengthens arts and education programs in Miami-Dade's public schools, colleges and universities through programs that build awareness of Afro-Cuban culture as well as cultural pride, inspiration and enrichment for attendees of all backgrounds.

Classes & Workshops

Private Lessons: Private lessons are available in Afro-Cuban dance (see Afro-Cuban Traditions), including Orisha, Guaguanco, Salsa, Stretching, Timba, Cuban styling and shines, Cha-cha-cha and more. Classes are tailored to your needs, for all levels, and are also available to groups. A great workout! For an appointment, call (786) 704-8609.

Other Programs

We also present our programs at community centers, libraries and outdoor spaces, and workshops and seminars during our annual festival. We teach special workshops, masterclasses and private lessons to the general public throughout the year. To see what kinds of classes we can teach, see our Afro-Cuban traditions section.

Our interactive presentations and workshops are tailored to the audience, ensuring that people of all ages, interests and skills can participate. We teach the movements, vocabulary, history, music, legends and folk traditions of Afro-Cubans, including sacred Orisha dances and folkloric dance forms such as rumba.

Why is music and dance education important? Consider the following (adapted from the National Education Association):

  • Music and dance contribute to the school and community quality of life.
  • Music and dance promote use of higher-order thinking skills.
  • Music and dance are ways to understand our cultural heritage as well as other past and present cultures.
  • Music and dance contribute to sensitivity ("feeling intelligence").
  • Music and dance education promotes motor development.
  • Music and dance encourage teamwork and cohesiveness.
  • Music and dance foster creativity and individuality.
  • Music and dance education fosters discipline and commitment.
  • Music and dance are a therapeutic outlet for human beings.
  • Music and dance are predictors of success in life.

Our educational collaborators include: