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IFÉ-ILÉ supplements and strengthens arts and education programs in Miami-Dade's public schools, colleges and universities through programs that build awareness of Afro-Cuban culture as well as cultural pride, inspiration and enrichment for attendees of all backgrounds. IFE-ILE exposes students to a variety of programs that include workshops, master classes and musicals as complementary teaching tools. We regularly visit elementary, middle and high schools for workshops or full-day residencies, as well as colleges and universities.

Through presentations featuring storytelling, theatrical and dance performances and demonstrations, we introduce students to Afro-Cuban culture as well as new forms of expression. Our presentations engage children, youth and young adults through references to everyday life, using "cool" terms that they can relate to, making it enjoyable and fun. Exposing young people to a multicultural world enables them to have a well-rounded view of the world, thus contributing to a brighter future for all of us!

IFE-ILE Artistic & Executive Director Neri Torres was part of the Arts in Education program at Florida International University, where she joined two other well-known choreographers and performers. The group visited three Dade County middle schools for one-day residencies, introducing students in the school’s dance program to Afro-Haitian and Afro-Cuban dance through a lecture/performance followed by an informal discussion. FIU students assisted the instructors, conducted interviews, and completed bibliographic materials and articles relating to Afro-Cuban dance and culture, which was compiled into a handbook for teaching Afro-Cuban dance in the public schools.


"I enjoyed working with Neri Torres. She taught us two new dances, some dance vocabulary and different facts about African history and the way they use to dance overall. I loved the residency and would like to thank Ms. Neri Torres. Thank You!" -- Rachelle (student)

"I really enjoyed the residency because having Ms. Neri Torres came to Charles R. Drew Middle & choreograph 2 wonderful pieces & perform for our peers. Also, I learned different technique and definition to words I didn't know. Above all, I would like to thank Neri Torres for a great experience of my life." -- Chanadra (student)

"Neri Torres, I learned a lot of words and now I know how to express myself in another way. I enjoyed the fact that you were able to teach us something new. I had a lot of fun. Everyday I came prepared & I learned that Congo is a fun dance & I learned that I really love it. Neri taught us a lot of things & opened a whole new world." -- Raijean (student)

"The Workshop from Neri Torres was so fun. It was a complete learning experience. We did a dance called Yuca, Palo & the Congos. We learned the history andsome of the language. We were able to see the style of the dance and costume. I was proud of the dance and I hope I can do it again. It was great! -- Jesikah (student)

"I enjoyed having Neri Torres come to class. It was fun learning about Afro-Caribbean. I learned about a dance called Yuka. It seemed as if it opened up a new world to me. I just want to say thanks for the dance experience that you gave me." -- Alicia (student)