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IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance Festival


Festival Director: Neri Torres

Assistant to the Director:
Claudina Torres

Aruan Torres
Arelan Torres
Ramin Kourasani

Dance Instructors
Yosvani Gonzalez
Neri Torres
Juinier Quintero
Deyanira Formental
Madelayne Perez Parra
Harold Ferran Molina
Osvady Despaigne Gainza
Dayron Parra Yins


Yosvani Gonzalez

Yofvani Gonzalez graduated form both Escuela Nacional de Artes and Instituto Superior de Artes in Havana, Cuba in Afro-Cuban Dance and Music. Founder of Oche, the first Afro-Cuban dance Company in Villa Clara, Cuba in 1996, Yofvani was also member of the renowned Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba where he worked for over a year. In addition, he participated in several festivals and dance competitions both national and internationally.

After fulfilling a contract with the University of Monterrey Campus, Guadalajara, he relocated to Miami in 2005, the year he joined IFE-ILE Dance Company.


Neri Torres

Award-winning choreographer Neri Torres is the founder and director of IFE-ILE and the annual Afro-Cuban dance and music festival. Born in Havana, Cuba, Neri defected to the U.S. in 1991 and turned her passion for dance and cultural advocacy into a successful career spanning more than twenty years.

Trained in jazz, ballet, modern, and Afro-Cuban dance, Torres has choreographed, written, directed and performed numerous shows (from musicals, movies, commercials to videos) before thousands of captivated and enthralled audiences.

Neri is a leader in Miami's arts and culture community, whose numerous awards include a Proclamation by the City of Miami and a Fellowship and Certificate of Artistic Merit from the State of Florida. She is also a cultural ambassador, who has performed in nearly every continent in the world and in dozens of countries, where we has choreographed, written and performed in numerous shows.

Trained in jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary and Afro-Cuban dance, Torres is a graduate from University of Colorado at Boulder where she majored in film. She has toured with and been the principal dancer and choreographer for Gloria Estefan.

Juinier Quintero
Graduated in 2009 from the Instituto Superior de Artes in Havana, Cuba in Afro-Cuban Folklore. He danced for the renowned Conjunto Folclorico Nacional de Cuba. In addition he choreographed for several Cuban nightclubs (Havana Riviera Hotel and Capri Hotel in Havana among other). Juinier was also a dance instructor for Baile en Cuba and Varadero Baila. He is latest member of IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance Company.






Deyanira Formental
Born in Havana, Cuba, Formental graduated from Escuela Vocacional de Artes, Paulita Concepcion and National School of Arts (ENA) where she trained in Modern Dance, Ballet and Afro-Cuban dance. Deyanira danced and toured nationally and internationally with the renowned Cuban Television Ballet - Ballet de la Television Cubana.








Madelayne Perez ParraBorn in Havana, Cuba, Perez began dancing at Asi Somos Danza Alternativa in 1992; by 2002 she graduated from Escuela Vocacional de Arte Paulita Concepcion a vocational art school.  She majored in Folklore and Dance Art and graduated from Instituto Superior de Arte in 2009.  She went on to be an instructor at Hotel Melia and went on her first tour with Santiago Alfonso Dance Company.  By 2013 she was performing at Mella Theatre in Havana, and in 2014 she toured through Macedonia with the show Club Cuba Libre Beach.  Perez continues to train zealously and most recently performed in El Japon Baila a Cuba. She is a member of BanRarra Dance Company.






Harold Ferran Molina
Cuban born, Ferran trained at Escuela Vocational de Arte Olga Alonso vocational school and graduated high school from Escuela Profesional de Arte Samuel Feijoo.  In 2002 he joined the renowned Conjunto Folclorico Nacional de Cuba and eventually became the principal soloist and an instructor.  He is a highly educated dancer, singer, musician, and choreographer which allowed him the chance to travel to perform and teach in various cultural exchanges in countries such as Colombia, Spain, Qatar, Algeria, Guadeloupe, Venezuela, Kuwai, Chile, and Portugal.  From 2003-2010, Harold was an instructor for Escuela Nacional de Espectáculos Musicales.  He recently starred in a documentary called “A Capa y Espada” and continues to perform and train to perfect his art form.




Osvady Despaigne Gainza
Despaigne graduated from "Escuela Vocacional de Arte" and later finished his schooling at "Escuela Nacional de Arte". He began dancing for "Ban Rarra" Dance Company in 2001, from 2003-2007 he also danced for "Ballet TV" Dance Company. His professional career continued to expand as he spent some years dancing for Rakatan, Cabaret Parisien, Nu Havana, Bucanero, Lady Salsa, and Havana Rumba Dance Ccompanies. Being highly trained with so many dance companies allowed Despaigne to tour through the USA, Malaysia, Europe, Singapore, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, China, Russia, France, Chile, Dubai, and South Africa. He continues to excel as an instructor, choreographer, and dancer with a specialty in folklore.



Dayron Parra Yins
Parra began his training at Escuela Elemental Alfonso Perez Isaac, "Escuela de Espectaculos Musicales Ruben Martinez Villena", and finally graduated from "Universidad De Las Artes De Cuba" with a major in contemporary dance.  From 2009-2013 he began dancing for "Ballet ICRT Cuban TV" dance company.  In 2014 he danced for Compañia de Espectáculos A Todo Ritmo.  He quickly moved on to dance for "Danza Espiral" and danced for Danza Abierta Dance Company and currently for BanRarra Dance Company.  He has danced in many music videos with various musicians such as Eduardo Sandoval, Raul Paz, and Tony Avila. He continues to grow as a head instructor of the dance academy of the renowned folkloric group Los Muñequitos de Matanzas.