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NEW -- Our new Guaguanco rumba instructional DVD, "Let's Get Ready to Rumba," is already available! Soon, our online store will also offer IFE-ILE T-shirts, mugs and other DVDs and CDs.

Let's Get Ready to Rumba©1999, Neri Torres
45 minutes (musical excerpt - 10 min)
This is an exciting opportunity to learn to dance the Guaguanco form of Cuban rumba – the traditional Cuban dance that preceded salsa -- from renowned Afro-Cuban dancer and choreographer Neri Torres. The video offers detail breakdown of moves for both males and females, with a final demonstration and a bonus from Torres’s production “Guaguanco, The Rumba Musical."

Instructor: Neri Torres
Dancer: Aramis Pazos
Musicians: Ezequiel Torres, Angel Gonzalez and Alfredo Diaz

Purchase Now ($33.99 includes Shipping & Handling in the U.S.).

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