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IFE-ILE Lectures & Seminars

IFE-ILE offers lectures and seminars on a variety of topics, such as:

  • The Roots of Salsa
  • The World of the Orishas
  • Afro-Cuban Music Traditions

IFE-ILE Executive Director Neri Torres is also available for public and inspirational speaking opportunities.

The Roots of Salsa

This seminar teaches students:

  • The history and origins of Afro-Cuban rhythms present in today’s Latin dances
  • How to recognize and dance to the Cuban different Claves (rhythmic patterns)
  • The influence of Afro-Cuban rhythms on contemporary dance styles. The theatrical and narrative elements of these originating dances teach about interpretation and expression through alternative means, while the musical aspect shows the variety of traditional instruments and the musical complexity that can be achieved by combining what appear to be relatively simple instruments.

Featured Speakers include:

Neri Torres